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Reservation System

Our Restaurant Reservation System can take online deposit payments at time of booking or just reservations. What make this system different is we have included an interactive table plan. As restaurants begin to open the table plan can help to reassure customers that you have social distancing measures in place. When you book a table you actually click on an available table to start the simple reservation progress.

The interactive table plan is optional, when things get back to normal you can use the normal table numbering system if you prefer. If you use a valid email address when you make a reservation you will receive an email confirmation of your booking.

Magellan News


Food Delivery System with Geolocation

Magellan just launched a new Food Delivery System. This really is great news for any business providing a food delivery or collection service. The system uses Geolocation and this enables restaurants, pubs and takeaway outlets to define their own delivery areas and being able to order and pay for food online means that safe social distancing is maintained at all times.

Helping restaurants to keep trading

To help restaurants keep trading during the Coronavirus Pandemic, Magellan have launched a Food Ordering and Payment System that will enable restaurants to provide takeaway services. As all orders and payments will be made online, restaurants can focus on preparing food without having to keep answering the phone. The main advantage being that because payments are made online there is no need to handle money, so maintaining safe social distancing.

Free Site Updates

Many of our clients businesses have been severely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and are unable to function as normal, that’s why we’re providing free site updates and support during this difficult time. If you are in a similar position and have time on your hands, then have a good look at your website and decide if it’s worth spending more money on, or would it be better to start again? Cash flow is crucial to a small business and we can help by building you a free website including a booking and payment system. So as soon as businesses re-open you can start collecting payments at time of booking.

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