A New Way Forward

Your website is your most important marketing tool and if it is not performing well, generating new business, then it is time to change.

Our Custom Website Design

With over 50% of website queries occurring on mobile devices excluding tablets, if your website can’t adapt for mobile users or is using outdated technology then it really is time to change. Our websites are all built using the latest mobile first technology, fully optimised and using clean validated code for best search engine optimisation (SEO) practices.

Our websites are mobile friendly, easy to navigate, fast and secure. Fully optimised for SEO a website built by Magellan is also scalable so as your company grows so can your website.

Custom Web Design

All of our sites are custom built, we do not work with template content management systems.


We provide client hosting on secure Linux servers with solid state drives and domain registration services.

Booking Systems

Our booking systems are suitable for Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Property Rentals, Salons and more.

Hosting & Subscription Services

Magellan support small businesses. Starting a new business? You will need a website and Magellan make it easy and very affordable.

Website Maintenance

Subscription plans include website maintenance, choose the plan that best meets your needs and you will have no additional site maintenace costs.

Celebrating 20 Years!

Reliable and secure, we are here to stay. Established in 2000, we have been successfully building and hosting websites for over 16 years. Rest assured, we won’t be going anywhere or leaving you high and dry.

Magellan Hosting with Solid State Drives

Hosting Websites & Email

We provide client hosting on secure Linux servers built around the latest server technology with enterprise class SSD storage 500% faster than traditional hard disks for amazing performance!

Website and database remote backups are encrypted as standard during transmission on a daily basis using military-grade encryption standards. Email hosting is also provided including SpamExperts Anti-Spam contol and webmail services. We also provide a domain registration service.

Advanced PHP Scripts

All our booking scripts are built on a High-Performance PHP Framework and Protected Against SQL Injections.

Clean PHP Code is used and as with our websites, we provide a custom modification service.

Magellan PHP Scripts

More Power To You!

Smart & Affordable Booking & Payment Systems for Personal Trainers and Gyms. www.PTSITES.co.uk

We can supply you with a fully responsive custom built website including an advanced booking and payment system.

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