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List Properties for Sale and for Rent

This feature-rich Property Listing Script allows you to publish classified ads online. You can list properties for sale and for rent, edit property details, add multiple images. Add countless property classified ads to your website. Create, edit and delete real estates listings through an easy admin panel, create users and assign roles.

The property listing script can be installed on your own website or we can build you a custom website.

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User-Friendly Interface

Website visitors are presented with a full overview of your real estate listings. Visitors can easily request details, print out property details or email property details.

Admin Access

There are 3 levels of User Access - Administrator, Editor and Owner. Admins can grant access to other users and have full access to all properties and settings. Owners can manage their own properties and all enquiries go directly to the Owner's email. Editors have access to all properties but cannot change any options.

Manage Property Details

Our user-friendly property listing script for estate agencies allows you to manage property details. You can add high-quality images, detailed description, price, property features, etc.

Add & Edit Property Ads

Our real estate listing script has a user-friendly administration panel providing an intuitive step-by-step property listing process. Users can easily add and edit property classifieds by following a simple tab-based interface.

For Sale & For Rent

The Property Listing Script supports two types of properties; properties for rent and for sale. This makes it suitable for every real estate agency. If a property is for rent, users can set its price per day, per week, per month and per year.

Property Submissions

Choose to allow or disallow homeowners to add their own properties. If submissions are allowed, homeowners will have their own profiles with limited access only to their own properties. Charge property owners for posting their real estate listings, the default payment gateway we use is PayPal. Other payment gateways can be added as a custom modification if required.

Property Type & Features

The property listing script allows you to create your own custom property types; flat, house, commercial, land, etc. Describe the property's features (swimming pool, tennis court, out buildings, parking, etc.) from a predefined list. You can build on this list by adding other features. Add badges to each property to show status (sold, under offer, premium).

Image Gallery

Upload and edit an unlimited number of images to each property, optimise your images within the property listing admin area. You can also add your own personalised watermarks and add floor plans.

Google Maps Integration

Our real estate script comes with Google maps integration where all your properties are marked on a map. Choose whether to show a certain property on the map or not.

Advanced Search

Our real estate script has a smart search engine that can hadle multi-criteria user search queries so your website visitors can search by property type, location, features, etc.

Email Notifications

You can enable Email notifications sent to administrators and owners and personalise the email templates. You can set up different options for each type of users and disable them anytime.

SEO Friendly

The Property Listing Script includes a simple SEO module used for each classified ad so that administrators can optimise all property listings for search engines. You don't need any special SEO skills to enable SEO URLs, Meta descriptions and image ALT tags.

Property Listing Website

Subscription Plans

When you subscribe to one of our Property Listing Websites it includes all of the following and the use of our software and custom built responsive website. There are no upfront design and build costs, just a one-off account setup fee as shown below. All prices subject to VAT.

The following are just examples. If you contact us with your exact requirements we will supply you with a detailed proposal and payment options. You can either choose to pay by subscription or make a one-off payment for a website and then pay for hosting and any site updates.

Own Website Installation

  • Property Listing Script
  • Installation Code
  • Database
  • Daily Off-site Backups
  • Secure Script Hosting

Starter Website

  • 4-6 Page Responsive Website
  • 30min Site Updates*
  • Property Listing Script
  • Database
  • Daily Off-site Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • Secure Hosting
  • Domain Registration (if needed)

Advanced Website

  • 8+ Page Responsive Website
  • 30min Site Updates*
  • Property Listing Script
  • Database
  • Daily Off-site Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • Secure Hosting
  • Domain Registration (if needed)

*Unused minutes cannot be rolled over month to month.

Food Delivery System

Food Delivery System for Restaurants, Pubs & Takeaways.

The system uses Geolocation and this enables restaurants, pubs and takeaway outlets to define their own delivery areas and being able to order and pay for food online means that safe social distancing is maintained at all times.


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