Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

By using non-manipulative SEO ranking tactics, a balance of Technical, On-Page and Off-Page best practices to earn and maintain high SERP rankings, we are able to achieve lots of high-quality user traffic for our clients

SEO Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

We use SEO to help search engines understand your website. The overall objective here is to increase the organic traffic from search engines, so improving your websites position on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) based on various search terms.

To satisfy various search engine ranking factors there are many rules that need to be taken into consideration. We will break this down into the three most important SEO types, being Technical, On-Page and Off-Page.

Technical SEO

Certain Technical SEO parameters need to be met in order to ensure that your website can be successfully crawled and indexed by search engines. To meet these parameters we use SEO friendly web design, optimised website and URL structure. We also create and submit an XML Sitemap to let search engines know you are there, and we will register your website with Google.

The use of clean validated code is extremely important and errors can have a negative impact on SEO. You can check your websites code using the free W3C Validation Service.

Our websites are built using clean validated code search engines love!

On-Page SEO

On Page SEO concerns the website content. The correct use of Page Titles, Heading Tags and the quality of the content and use of SEO Keywords is very important. There are also the bits that you do not see but search engine crawlers do and these include Meta Tags and Alt Tags, also very important and this is why our websites include On-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

You need to promote your new website as soon as it is live. Promote and encourage people to visit your website on social media. Link building is also important, SEO backlinks from reputable websites act as a vote of trust and will help your websites ranking.

You can either promote your website on social media yourself, or if you prefer we can help you with this including advertising on social media, Magellan can also help with content creation including imagery and motion graphics that will get you noticed!