Hi, there!

My name is Andrew thank you for visiting our website. We are a Bury St Edmunds based web design company trading now for more than 20 years. Need help with anything please get in touch!

Magellan Design

I founded this company in 2000 because I love technology, art and design.
As a web developer with more than twenty years experience I enjoy coding my own websites. The freedom to express myself this allows is what makes it so satisfying. As well as the technical side of web development, I also enjoy creating eye-catching graphics and motion graphics used in my web design and other marketing channels.

I no longer rent expensive office space, and by keeping my overheads low I am able to build competitively priced quality websites. A fan of remote working I enjoy travelling and have built a client base spanning 6 countries.

I am a firm believer in customer service, and providing my clients with outstanding customer service, quality work and at a fair price is of paramount importance to me.

In my spare time I walk my dog, restore old tractors, harness the wind and play the guitar. Actually, I am not very good, my brother on the other hand is an amazing musician. So if you need a lead guitarist better call Dave, need an awesome website with outstanding support I’m your man!