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Video built using After Effects - not Flash!

Magellan Design

In June 2000, I launched Magellan Design Ltd driven by my passion for design and technology. Prior to that, my journey in aviation culminated in piloting helicopters. Today with my feet firmly on the ground I specialise in building websites and advanced web applications. I enjoy collaborating with small businesses, business partners and have cultivated strong, lasting relationships over time.

I built my first websites in 2002-3 here in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, quite different from how we build them today! The first sites I built were using Flash, these were animations and took ages to load as no broadband in those days, but no limits on creativity.

Today it’s all about speed, mobile first tech and search engine optimisation, tomorrow will be something else, and that’s what I love about this job!

Andrew - Managing Director of Magellan Design

Fully Managed Websites

Ideal for busy people, we take care of everything: site maintenance and updates, and we are fast!

It’s a common misconception that not having a DIY website is going to cost you more. We include a free monthly site update allowance in our hosting plans. No plugins or security updates for you to worry about!

Moreover, there are no constraints on your website's evolution. You aren't bound by the limitations of an ‘off the shelf’ content management system. Require additional features? No issue!

Spend more time managing your business, not your website!

Fully Managed Websites
Web Applications

Web Applications

Our web applications feature integrated booking and payment systems, allowing you to handle reservations and transactions directly on your website, without relying on external booking platforms.

Perhaps you're interested in setting up an e-commerce store on your website? Or you may prefer a multifunctional approach, managing various features such as news sections, blogs, events, bookings, payments, user roles, permissions, and online sales, all seamlessly integrated into your website.

You manage only the areas of your site that matter the most and leave everything else to us.