Hotel Booking and Management System

  • by Magellan
  • 25-05-2021


Hotel Booking and Management System 

Having the ability to book online means you are always open for business. Your 24x7 open front desk encourages customers to make online reservations and payments on the spot.

Booking a hotel room has never been easier! This complete hotel room booking system provides hotel managers with an easy way to manage reservations and booking availability.

Accept Bookings Online

It’s so easy to book a hotel room with Magellan’s Hotel Booking and Management System! This complete hotel room booking management system allows reception and hotel managers full access to manage reservations and booking availability.

Room Rates and Booking limits

It is very simple to managing room rates and prices. Prices can be set based on the number of people sharing a room or set a room rate. Each day of the week can have a different rate as well as setting custom seasonal rates.
Minimum and maximum nights a guest can book for any room type and date range can also be set.


Vouchers and Extras

Offer promotions and discounts. Allow guests to enter a voucher code at time of booking to apply a room discount. You can also create holiday packages and off season promotions.
Create as many additional extras as you like, such as parking, breakfast etc. So when guests book online they can add and pay for these extras at time of booking.


Process Online & Offline Payments

PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.Net payment gateways are all integrated within the Hotel Booking System. You can either ask for a deposit or full amount at time of booking, or should you wish just to accept bookings without payments then the payment option can be turned off.

When you subscribe to one of our Hotel Booking website subscription plans, it includes hosting, free site updates, quantity depending on the plan, daily off-site backups and SSL certificate. There are no upfront design and build costs for the website and subscription plans are based on the website content or you can pay a one-off payment.