• Why it is not cost-effective to take on too many tasks yourself.

    • by Magellan
    • 17-05-2023

      Too many balls in the air? Are you being distracted, taking on too many tasks when you should be focusing more on running your business? Our Fully Managed Websites are built for people who can’t afford to lose focus.Why it is not cost-effective to take on too many tasks yourself.Taking on too many tasks yourself can be inefficient and not cost-effective for several reasons: Time management: Each task requires time and effort to complete. When you take on too many tasks, you may spread yourself too thin, leading to a lack of focus and reduced productivity. Your attention and energy get divided among multiple tasks, which can result in lower quality work and increased chances of mistakes. Time is a valuable resource, and optimising its usage is crucial. Expertise and specialisation: Different tasks may require specific skills or expertise. By trying to do everything yourself, you may not be utilising your strengths effectively. Certain tasks might be better suited for individuals with specialised knowledge or experience in those areas. Outsourcing or delegating tasks to experts can result in higher quality outcomes and efficient use of resources. Opportunity cost: When you spend time on one task, it means you are not spending that time on another potentially valuable task. By taking on too many tasks yourself, you limit your capacity to focus on higher-value activities that may have a greater impact on your goals or priorities. You might miss out on strategic opportunities or tasks that require your unique expertise. Burnout and well-being: Overloading yourself with too many tasks can lead to burnout and adversely affect your well-being. Constantly juggling numerous responsibilities without sufficient rest and self-care can result in decreased motivation, increased stress levels, and diminished overall performance. Prioritising tasks and seeking assistance when necessary can help maintain a healthier work-life balance. Economies of scale: In certain cases, it may be more cost-effective to outsource or delegate tasks to others. Hiring or partnering with specialists or utilising dedicated services can provide economies of scale, where the cost per unit decreases as the volume or specialisation increases. This can lead to cost savings and improved efficiency in the long run. In summary, taking on too many tasks yourself can be counterproductive and less cost-effective due to time management challenges, lack of specialisation, opportunity costs, negative effects on well-being, and missed economies of scale. It's essential to assess your strengths, prioritise tasks, and leverage external resources when appropriate to optimise efficiency and achieve better outcomes.

  • What is a high performance website?

    • by Magellan
    • 12-05-2023

      What is a high performance website?   A high-performance website is a website that loads quickly, is responsive, and provides an excellent user experience. Such websites typically have fast loading times, meaning that the site's pages and content are delivered to the user's device quickly, without any noticeable delay or lag. A high-performance website is typically optimised for speed, which can be achieved through a combination of factors, such as efficient code, optimised images and videos, fast hosting servers, and other best practices in web development. Additionally, a high-performance website should be designed with user experience in mind, which includes intuitive navigation, easy-to-use interfaces, and well-organised content. The website should also be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities or on different devices. Overall, a high-performance website is one that delivers an optimal user experience, loads quickly, and meets the needs of the user. Magellan Design take all these factors into consideration when building a website.

  • What is a fully managed website?

    • by Magellan
    • 05-05-2023

      What is a fully managed website? A fully managed website is a website that is built and maintained by a third-party service provider or web hosting company. This type of website is designed to take care of all aspects of website development, maintenance, and security, leaving the website owner free to focus on other aspects of their business. A fully managed website typically includes all the necessary elements for a successful online presence, such as domain registration, website design, content creation, search engine optimisation, website hosting, and ongoing maintenance and updates. The service provider or web hosting company will handle all of these tasks, ensuring that the website is running smoothly and effectively. The level of management provided by a fully managed website can vary depending on the service provider and the package selected by the website owner. Some providers offer more comprehensive services than others, such as e-commerce capabilities, online marketing, and analytics, among others. Overall, a fully managed website is a convenient option for businesses or individuals who do not have the time, skills, or resources to build and maintain a website on their own. It allows them to focus on their core business while leaving the technical aspects of website management to the experts. Magellan Design build fully managed websites allowing our clients to concentrate their time more productively managing their business not their website. Or if you prefer, gardening! Ted has more time to do things he loves now he has a fully managed website. In fact his custom built website is performing so well he can afford new tyres for his garden!  

  • Custom HTML Website v Wordpress

    • by Magellan
    • 17-04-2023

      Custom HTML Website v Wordpress Whether a custom-built HTML website or WordPress is better for your needs depends on several factors, including your technical expertise, your website's functionality requirements, and your budget. If you can afford to hire a skilled web designer to build and manage your website, it can be a better option than trying to build and manage a WordPress site yourself, especially if you do not have the technical skills or time required for website design and maintenance. A skilled web designer can bring a wealth of experience and expertise to your project. They have complete control over the code ensuring that your website is built to meet your specific needs and goals, and that it is optimised for performance, security, user experience and search engine optimisation (SEO). They can also help you with ongoing website maintenance and updates, ensuring that your site remains up-to-date and secure over time. While WordPress can be a powerful tool for website design and management, it can also be complex and time-consuming to learn and use effectively, especially for those without prior experience. WordPress sites can be vulnerable to security issues if not properly maintained, and customisation options may be limited without custom coding. Additionally, certain functionality may require the use of paid plugins or themes. Some common tasks involved in managing a WordPress site include: Updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins: WordPress regularly releases updates to address security issues, add new features, and improve performance. These updates need to be installed and tested on the site to ensure that everything is working properly. Creating and editing content: This includes creating new pages and posts, adding images and videos, and updating existing content as needed. Optimising for SEO: This involves ensuring that the site is properly optimised for search engines, including using relevant keywords, optimising images and videos, and creating meta descriptions and tags. Monitoring and managing comments: If your site allows comments, you'll need to monitor and manage them to ensure that they are appropriate and don't contain spam or other unwanted content. The time required for these tasks can vary depending on the size and complexity of the site and the frequency of updates. Additionally, some tasks may require technical expertise or familiarity with WordPress, which can increase the time required. However, with a custom built fully managed HTML website you have nothing to worry about. Spend more time to managing your business not your website!

  • Building and managing your own website

    • by Magellan
    • 19-07-2022

      Building and managing your own website Lots of small businesses are building and managing their own websites today using a free or paid website builder. No coding knowledge is required, so anyone can do this.But why not pay a professional website designer to build and manage the website for you? The answer of course is they don’t want to pay for this service when they can do it themselves. I get that.People say to me, I paid for my website but then I had to pay every time I wanted it updating. This is why I now use a website builder. Ok I sometimes get into difficulty and then have to pay someone to sort it out for me, but on the whole my website looks ok. I say, so It looks ok but how does it perform? This is when people start to understand that there is much more to web design than just looks.My next question is, how much time do you spend updating your website?The answer is usually, well I have to keep updating the plugins it uses and obviously keep on top of all the security updates, then make my own updates. I don’t always have time during the week so I usually do this at the weekend. So I ask, how much is you time worth and do you like working weekends?It soon becomes apparent that it makes perfect sense to outsource this work because it can be done so much better for so much less. Our websites are fully managed, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.So you can have a professionally built website, hosting, SSL certificate, daily off-site backups and 30 minutes per month of free site updates.Responsive websites built with love, creativity and innovation. Affordable, quality websites search engines adore.Magellan Design LtdCelebrating 22 years in business

  • Is it cost effective to build your own website?

    • by Magellan
    • 08-07-2022

      Is it cost effective to build your own website? Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? Or are you spending time inside updating your website?We appreciate that many small businesses decide to build and maintain their own websites in an attempt to keep costs down. And let’s be honest, anyone can build a website these days without any coding knowledge using a free or paid website builder.But how much time are you spending maintaining your website? Are you keeping up to date with all the security updates?How is your website performing?Do you enjoy working on your website, or does it cause you stress?How much is your website really costing you?You may be surprised to learn that you can have a fully managed professionally built website from just £35.00 per month including free site updates, hosting and many other benefits.So next time someone asks you, Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? You can say I’m going surfing, hang gliding… or just relaxing, because I’m with Magellan Design who look after me and my website.www.magellandesign.com

  • Luxury Gîte in South West France

    • by Magellan
    • 27-06-2022

      Luxury Gîte in South West France Very pleased to be handling the marketing for Château de Larrouzé, one of our French property rental clients. Château de Larrouzé is situated in the Gers Gascony, a hidden gem in the northern foothills of the Pyrenees.For more information and to make a booking please visit their website https://larrouze.frIf you would like a quality yet affordable website able to take bookings and payments like Château de Larrouzé, we would be very happy to help. For more information on our property rental websites please visit: https://magellandesign.com/property-rental-booking-website

  • Property Rental Websites

    • by Magellan
    • 05-05-2022

      Property Rental Websites Show guests that you are running a professional property rental business by having your own website, complete with our booking and payment system.Ideal for a bed and breakfast business, holiday cottage, villa or gîte.No booking fees or commission to pay and if you pay by subscription there is nothing to pay for the website.Full details and payment options are available on our website.https://magellandesign.com/property-rental-booking-website

  • Appointment Scheduling Software

    • by Magellan
    • 22-02-2022

      Appointment Scheduling Software   Congratulations go out to SaintBarber one of our Austrian clients. SaintBarber is a gentleman’s barbershop located in Mondsee Austria.This successful little business recently surpassed 6,000 bookings using our Salon Booking System, that is a lot of hair!The salon booking system forms part of the website we built, this means customers are not re-directed to a third party booking app, so a great user experience. Hair salon customers love the booking system and the admin area is a doddle to use. This is a booking system that performs flawlessly, 6,000 bookings can’t be wrong.If you are a gentleman’s barbershop, a hair or beauty salon owner we can provide you with a custom built website complete with our Salon Booking System. You don’t even have to pay in full for the website design, you can choose to subscribe. Your subscription includes everything including hosting and free site updates.This is what our client has to say:“I would like to thank Andrew at Magellan Design for not only delivering our website on time and within budget, but surpassing all our expectations with such a brilliant booking system.”Prices are on our website and no hidden costs.You will find our Salon Booking system to be a cut above the rest!https://magellandesign.com/salon-booking-websites

  • How much is your website really costing you?

    • by Magellan
    • 07-01-2022

      How much is your website really costing you?   We understand starting a new business can be challenging and costly when it comes to paying for your website. Many start-ups simply opt to save money by trying to build their own websites using Wordpress or one of the other DIY platforms out there.   You don’t need any coding experience to build one of these sites but it can still be a steep learning curve and an extremely time-consuming process. Time is money right?The finished website may even look half-decent, it’s a theme 1’000’s of people are using what could go wrong? How are people going to find you on the internet? You need the website to be optimised for search engines don’t you? That’s ok little Jimmy told you there’s a plugin for that. Of course all these plugins are mounting up now and they all need updating, now you have a conflict but what caused it? Warnings are popping up you don’t understand and even more security updates HELP!!! But you must stay on top of this, so how much time are you now spending per month? Shouldn’t you be spending more time running your business? The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this. Magellan can build you a professional responsive website, fully managed allowing you to do what you do best, running your business. If you think you can’t afford a professionally built website by a company with over 20 years experience, then think again! You can either choose to pay for your website in the traditional way by making a one-off payment and then pay for hosting and any site updates separately. Or choose to pay by subscription. Subscription prices depend on the websites content and include free site updates - 30 mins per month, hosting, domain registration, daily off-site back-ups and nothing to pay for the design and build of the website. Our websites all include built in SEO from the start and are built using clean validated code. https://magellandesign.com