• Luxury Gîte in South West France

    • by Magellan
    • 27-06-2022

      Luxury Gîte in South West France Very pleased to be handling the marketing for Château de Larrouzé, one of our French property rental clients. Château de Larrouzé is situated in the Gers Gascony, a hidden gem in the northern foothills of the Pyrenees.For more information and to make a booking please visit their website https://larrouze.frIf you would like a quality yet affordable website able to take bookings and payments like Château de Larrouzé, we would be very happy to help. For more information on our property rental websites please visit: https://magellandesign.com/property-rentals-booking-system

  • Property Rental Websites

    • by Magellan
    • 05-05-2022

      Property Rental Websites Show guests that you are running a professional property rental business by having your own website, complete with our booking and payment system.Ideal for a bed and breakfast business, holiday cottage, villa or gîte.No booking fees or commission to pay and if you pay by subscription there is nothing to pay for the website.Full details and payment options are available on our website.https://magellandesign.com/property-rentals-booking-system

  • Appointment Scheduling Software

    • by Magellan
    • 22-02-2022

      Appointment Scheduling Software   Congratulations go out to SaintBarber one of our Austrian clients. SaintBarber is a gentleman’s barbershop located in Mondsee Austria.This successful little business recently surpassed 6,000 bookings using our Salon Booking System, that is a lot of hair!The salon booking system forms part of the website we built, this means customers are not re-directed to a third party booking app, so a great user experience. Hair salon customers love the booking system and the admin area is a doddle to use. This is a booking system that performs flawlessly, 6,000 bookings can’t be wrong.If you are a gentleman’s barbershop, a hair or beauty salon owner we can provide you with a custom built website complete with our Salon Booking System. You don’t even have to pay in full for the website design, you can choose to subscribe. Your subscription includes everything including hosting and free site updates.This is what our client has to say:“I would like to thank Andrew at Magellan Design for not only delivering our website on time and within budget, but surpassing all our expectations with such a brilliant booking system.”Prices are on our website and no hidden costs.You will find our Salon Booking system to be a cut above the rest!https://magellandesign.com/salon-booking-system

  • How much is your website really costing you?

    • by Magellan
    • 07-01-2022

      How much is your website really costing you?   We understand starting a new business can be challenging and costly when it comes to paying for your website. Many start-ups simply opt to save money by trying to build their own websites using Wordpress or one of the other DIY platforms out there.   You don’t need any coding experience to build one of these sites but it can still be a steep learning curve and an extremely time-consuming process. Time is money right?The finished website may even look half-decent, it’s a theme 1’000’s of people are using what could go wrong? How are people going to find you on the internet? You need the website to be optimised for search engines don’t you? That’s ok little Jimmy told you there’s a plugin for that. Of course all these plugins are mounting up now and they all need updating, now you have a conflict but what caused it? Warnings are popping up you don’t understand and even more security updates HELP!!! But you must stay on top of this, so how much time are you now spending per month? Shouldn’t you be spending more time running your business? The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this. Magellan can build you a professional responsive website, fully managed allowing you to do what you do best, running your business. If you think you can’t afford a professionally built website by a company with over 20 years experience, then think again! You can either choose to pay for your website in the traditional way by making a one-off payment and then pay for hosting and any site updates separately. Or choose to pay by subscription. Subscription websites start at just £25.00 + VAT per month and include free site updates - 30 mins per month, hosting, domain registration, daily off-site back-ups and nothing to pay for the design and build of the website. Our websites all include built in SEO from the start and are built using clean validated code. https://magellandesign.com/magellan-website-pricing

  • COP a load of this!

    • by Magellan
    • 15-11-2021

      COP a load of this! All the brochures, leaflets, posters and other promotional material designed by Magellan Design are printed on FSC certified paper stocks ensuring we only work with material that is from a sustainable and ethical source. We are very pleased to be working with Kingfisher Press, one of approximately 40 Carbon Balanced Publication Printers in the UK. So a printer who cares about the impact on the environment of not only the paper they print on but the processes they use too.   Why not contact us to quote on your next design job and we will include both the FSC and Carbon Balanced logo’s on your printed items. Show the end user that you also care about the environment!Magellan Design a Bury St Edmunds based company has been providing graphic and web design services for over 21 years.

  • Holiday Property Rentals

    • by Magellan
    • 08-09-2021

      Holiday Property Rentals We are happy to announce a new major script upgrade for our Property Rentals booking and payment script.Existing clients are eligible for a free upgrade if they wish and we will migrate all bookings across to the new system.This PHP property rental script is ideal for any hospitality business that would like to add a property rental booking calendar to their website showing availability and allowing guests to book properties online.The Property Rentals Booking System is ideal for managing single or multiple properties (holiday rentals, holiday homes, cottages, gîtes, villas, apartments..). Take deposit payments both offline and online and choose from a range of payment gateways, Stripe, PayPal, Authorrize.Net, Braintree…Pricing examples can be found on our website as well as links to client sites we have built that include the holiday property rentals script. These sites include holiday businesses in France and in the UK.Our websites are all custom built to your requirements and we can also make modifications to any of our booking scripts. With Magellan websites you can either choose to pay by subscription or make a one-off payment and then pay for hosting and any site updates. “Magellan Design have just finished designing our website and booking system which is now live and we are extremely pleased with the end product. It is user friendly and also looks good. We have been consistently impressed with the professionalism shown by Magellan Design. They have produced a website tailored to our needs, on time and within budget. What else can one ask for. Thank you.”Château de Larrouzé - France https://magellandesign.com/property-rentals-booking-system

  • Hotel Booking and Management System

    • by Magellan
    • 25-05-2021

      Hotel Booking and Management System  Having the ability to book online means you are always open for business. Your 24x7 open front desk encourages customers to make online reservations and payments on the spot. Booking a hotel room has never been easier! This complete hotel room booking system provides hotel managers with an easy way to manage reservations and booking availability. Accept Bookings Online It’s so easy to book a hotel room with Magellan’s Hotel Booking and Management System! This complete hotel room booking management system allows reception and hotel managers full access to manage reservations and booking availability. Room Rates and Booking limits It is very simple to managing room rates and prices. Prices can be set based on the number of people sharing a room or set a room rate. Each day of the week can have a different rate as well as setting custom seasonal rates. Minimum and maximum nights a guest can book for any room type and date range can also be set.   Vouchers and Extras Offer promotions and discounts. Allow guests to enter a voucher code at time of booking to apply a room discount. You can also create holiday packages and off season promotions.Create as many additional extras as you like, such as parking, breakfast etc. So when guests book online they can add and pay for these extras at time of booking.   Process Online & Offline Payments PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.Net payment gateways are all integrated within the Hotel Booking System. You can either ask for a deposit or full amount at time of booking, or should you wish just to accept bookings without payments then the payment option can be turned off. When you subscribe to one of our Hotel Booking website subscription plans, it includes hosting, free site updates, quantity depending on the plan, daily off-site backups and SSL certificate. There are no upfront design and build costs for the website and subscription plans start at just £55.00 + VAT per month. https://magellandesign.com/hotel-booking-system

  • Salon Booking System

    • by Magellan
    • 28-09-2020

      Salon Booking System We just launched a new version of our Salon Booking System. A very simple booking and payment system ideal for Hair Salons and Spa Facilities including Health Clinics, Beauty Salons, Massage Centres, Nail Bars and any business requiring secure online One to One appointment scheduling, booking and payments. Is your business ready for re-opening? Having the ability to book online means you are always open for business. Your 24x7 appointment booking system will encourage customers to make online reservations and payments on the spot. Magellan can build you a brand new website including our Salon Booking System from as little as £55.00 per month, no charge to build the website! https://magellandesign.com/salon-booking-system

  • Support for Small Businesses

    • by Magellan
    • 16-09-2020

      Support for Small Businesses In an effort to support struggling businesses Magellan will no longer be charging for the design and build of our 'Information' websites for the remainder of this year. Many people who have lost their jobs and need to start out on their own can also benefit from this scheme. The only cost is for hosting and site updates.This is not government backed, we are funding this ourselves. 2020 is an important year for Magellan as we celebrate 20 years in business, this is a genuine offer to help any small business, especially in hospitality. Our ‘Starter Hosting’ payment plan is just £25.00 per month. This includes hosting, SSL certificate, daily off-site backups and up to 30 minutes of free website updates per month. The design and build of the responsive website is free! Do you know any business that could benefit from this offer? By helping others we help ourselves.  

  • Magellan Restaurant Menu Builder CMS

    • by Magellan
    • 17-08-2020

      Magellan Restaurant Menu Builder CMS Magellan is pleased to announce the launch of our Menu Builder for Restaurants and Pubs. You will enjoy creating mouth-watering online menus with this easy to use content management system. Take control of your menus, create countless categories (salads, soups, meat, desserts etc.) Add multiple dishes to each category, add names, images, descriptions and prices. Enable/disable products as per availability. Treat your customers by launching special offers. Upload images of your food, the system will automatically optimise your images on upload. Have a brand new responsive website including our Menu Builder from just £35.00 per month and no design and build cost! Includes hosting, 30 minutes of site updates per month. Upgrade anytime to include Restaurant Reservations, Paperless Menu, Delivery/Takeaway or Hotel Booking. Magellan, building quality websites affordable for everyone! https://magellandesign.com/menu-builder

Paperless Menu

Paperless Menu for Restaurants and Pubs.

Our Paperless Menu replaces traditional printed menus that both the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) discourage the use of as they are considered potential carriers of coronavirus.

Paperless Menu

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